What have been the main changes to the scheme since the last scheme you presented to the public in January 2020?

• Reduction in the number of homes from 66 to 47 

• Significant changes to the design. Before the proposals were for a single building fronting Station Road and the A206, with the tallest element at six storeys nearest to the roundabout. Now the proposals are for three smaller buildings, all between three and four storeys in height.  

• The previous proposal at its tallest was six storeys, now the maximum height of any building on site will be four storeys.  

• The parking spaces have been moved away from the boundary with Woodland Way. There are now two sets of parking spaces, one as you enter the site from the west side of Station Road, the other as you enter Station Road from the east side. The set of parking spaces on the east side are on either side of two apartment buildings, rather than running along the boundary with Woodland Way. There is now a communal garden adjacent to properties on Woodland Way in the place of the parking spaces. 

• More trees have been planted along the boundary with Woodland Way.  

• The retaining wall at the back of the development and boundary with Woodland Way has been significantly reduced.  

• The new buildings have been designed specifically to address privacy and overlooking feedback received. Balconies will not overlook properties on Woodland Way and window to window distances between neighbouring properties and the new development are 30 metres. 

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