Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are you proposing? 

Around 47 much needed new homes comprising a mix of one and two bed homes, ideal for first time buyers. There is also the possibility of a coffee kiosk on site. 

How big / tall will the scheme be?  

The buildings will all be three/four storeys in height.  

How many bedrooms will these homes be? 

One and two bed. 

What are the scheme’s benefits to the local community?  

The scheme will provide much needed new housing, in a sustainable location, close to bus and train links and local amenities. In addition, we think that the development will provide the opportunity for a more attractive scheme in this location, the provision of affordable housing and financial contributions towards the improvement of social infrastructure in the area.

What materials will be used? 

The proposals will use traditional brick, designed to blend in with buildings in the local area.  

Will neighbouring buildings / houses be overlooked? 

The design has been carefully planned to minimise any overlooking and distances between the new buildings and existing properties on Woodland Way have been increased, compared to the previous scheme.


The topography of the site and the massing of the flats by Station Road rather than nearer Woodland Way also helps to minimise any overlooking. 

What will the density be?

98 units per hectare. 

How does the height compare to surrounding buildings? 

The houses on Woodland Way are mainly 2-3 storeys. There are other developments, like Cambria Court for example, that are five storeys in height. At our scheme’s highest the buildings will be four storeys, so this sits in the middle of height ranges in the area.  

What about the visual impact of the height of these buildings? 

The scheme has developed to increase gaps between the new buildings which will help to reduce any visual impacts and increase opportunities for light between the new buildings.

Will it be a gated community?  


Will there be sprinklers in the new buildings / comply with fire standards? 

The scheme will fully comply with the latest building regulations concerning fire standards. 

What are the timescales for the project? 

We expect to submit a new application in May 2021, go to committee in Autumn 2021. If planning permission is granted we expect to start construction on site in early 2022. We anticipate completing the scheme in 18 months. 

What have been the main changes to the scheme since the last scheme you presented to the public in January 2020?

• Reduction in the number of homes from 66 to 47 

• Significant changes to the design. Before the proposals were for a single building fronting Station Road and the A206, with the tallest element at six storeys nearest to the roundabout. Now the proposals are for three smaller buildings, all between three and four storeys in height.  

• The previous proposal at its tallest was six storeys, now the maximum height of any building on site will be four storeys.  

• The parking spaces have been moved away from the boundary with Woodland Way. There are now two sets of parking spaces, one as you enter the site from the west side of Station Road, the other as you enter Station Road from the east side. The set of parking spaces on the east side are on either side of two apartment buildings, rather than running along the boundary with Woodland Way. There is now a communal garden adjacent to properties on Woodland Way in the place of the parking spaces. 

• More trees have been planted along the boundary with Woodland Way.  

• The retaining wall at the back of the development and boundary with Woodland Way has been significantly reduced.  

• The new buildings have been designed specifically to address privacy and overlooking feedback received. Balconies will not overlook properties on Woodland Way and window to window distances between neighbouring properties and the new development are 30 metres. 

Will there be any retail included and will the public have access to it?

We are looking at the potential for a new coffee kiosk, opposite the train station. We are seeing if there is strong public demand for one first.  

Will the new homes have outdoor amenity space / gardens?

A new landscaped garden area that delivers amenity and playspace for residents and their children are being provided. 

Will there be balconies? 


Will a GP surgery / medical centre be provided? 

No interest from any health providers has been expressed to run a medical centre, so this has been removed. The CCG and local GP’s  also confirmed that the size of the medical centre approved was far too small for their needs and there  were two other options in the area that provided more economic and better layout solutions. This decision was passed on formally to Dartford Council with the suggestion that any future CIL contributions generated from this site should be used from this site to assist with any future medical centres outside of this location. 

What will happen to the existing trees on site? 

The existing trees will have to be removed however new trees are being provided, particularly along the boundary with Woodland Way. 

What is being done to protect the wildlife on site?

We are not aware of any notable wildlife on the site but biodiversity will be improved by the new landscaping. We will also be carrying out an ecological survey.

What percentage of affordable housing are you providing, and on what tenure? 

We are still in discussions with Dartford Council regarding the affordable housing and a final figure will be subject to a viability report, which is a report that demonstrates the various costs involved in building the homes and the likely revenues. 

What type of housing will be provided? 

A mix of one and two bed flats. 

Who will manage the affordable housing?

We have not confirmed an affordable housing provider to manage the homes yet but we are in discussions with several RP’s and are confident of having a quality housing association in place to manage the homes. 

Will the area’s transport cope with the development?

We believe that due to the site’s proximity to the train station and the fact they are all one and two bed homes, many people will commute to work in London or elsewhere and won’t have or regularly use their car. Therefore we feel the area’s transport links will be able to cope with the development. 

Will car parking spaces be provided for guests? 

There will be 1-1 parking provided for residents, but no guest parking. 

Will new residents be able to apply for a permit to park on neighbouring roads? 


Will the scheme have a car pool or car club? 

We are looking into whether providing this would be viable.  

Will construction be noisy or disruptive?

Steps will be taken to minimise any noise or disruption and a construction management plan will be agreed with Dartford Council. 

What will be the impact of construction on me, as a neighbour?

A Construction Management Plan will be agreed with Dartford Council. Deliveries and collections will be scheduled to avoid coinciding with residential waste collections or morning and evening rush hour traffic. Site workers will be prohibited from parking on or around the site. 

What will you do to ensure that local residents are not impacted by construction work? 

Deliveries and collections will be scheduled to avoid coinciding with residential waste collections or morning and evening rush hour traffic.